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All Is Mind International is a virtual coaching and wellness retreat experience. It was founded in 2020 by Shavon Danea with the goal of delivering mindfulness, meditation and spiritual development to people around the world.

Today, All Is Mind has become a community of people living their best lives through their own personal & spiritual growth. Shavon reached this milestone by focusing on providing the highest-quality content, active-listening, consulting and coaching with other ambassadors, who are highly trained professional & experts, as well as creating a safe, sacred and supportive environment for everyone to expand consciously & thrive within a designated community.

There's no denying that when it comes to physical health, there is a significant amount of information available for those who are interested in pursuing an active lifestyle. However, when it comes to mental health, the same is not true. There's an intense stigma surrounding the importance of the mental as well as holistic well-being. Most people want a quick fix because they aren't provided depth & use of the tools they REQUIRE in order to develop spiritually vs religiously AND not only live, yet CREATE a happier, healthier and evolutionary life!

If your heart's desire is to join AIM & become a coach,

complete the form below to submit your coaching profile for review. Allow us 72 hrs to respond!

Much Gratitude,

Create An Amazing Day!

Why Virtual COACH:

Your mind is a powerful thing. But how much do you really know about it? If you're like most people, probably not as much as you'd like. 

People require STRONG motivation & relationships in ALL areas of their life to:

  • Increased academic as well as personal motivation;

  • Increased social-emotional learning & growth;

  • Increased sense SELF-ID with personal responsibility; and

  • Reduced engagement in a variety of high-risk behaviors.

That's why All Is Mind was created. We provide online coaching and high-vibrational content for personal and spiritual growth, because we believe in the power of your mind to change the way you see, know & feel in the world.


Combine Technology & Genuine RELATIONSHIPS:

Through this model & structure, we utilize our expertise combined with personal experiences to create virtual courses & content. Designated for those that resonate to fundamentally as well as holistically RELATE & APPLY in their own personal lifestyles & relationships.

Developmental Relationships are a UNIQUE & FASCINATING way to:

  • Exhibit conservation leadership and social responsibility;

  • Develop a sense of community identity; and

  • Set goals, stretch & achieve goals.



CONNECT From Anywhere:

Grab your mic, laptop, journal or notes and head into a sacred space with a warm cup of tea or coffee to connect! When you can plug-in & tune out doing what you love AND make money!!! The world becomes and more fulfilling space!



Not only are you supporting the lives of others, however as a coach 91% of experience their own self-reflective immersion while teaching or being a guide for others. As a coach, you get to truly EXPERIENCE the wisdom of your time, energy, knowledge, skills & talents... ALL WHILE GUIDING OTHERS to their full potential!


What a GIFT! 

Using Tablet by the Pool

As the founder of All Is Mind International, I personally would like to THANK YOU in advance for joining

our Tribe of facilitators & coaches.

To expand greatness amongst the collective!

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